Wedding Photography at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington and Liuna Station in Hamilton

Andrya and Trevor’s wedding wove a tapestry of love, seamlessly integrating the rich history of St Ann’s Parish in Ancaster with the Royal Botanical Gardens’ (RBG) natural splendor in Burlington, before culminating in a vibrant celebration at Hamilton’s iconic Liuna Station.

The journey began at the cherished St Ann’s Parish in Ancaster, known for its distinctive architecture and timeless allure. Here, the couple exchanged sacred vows. They promised a lifetime of commitment and love, setting a heartfelt tone for the day. Following the ceremony, the wedding party ventured to the enchanting Rose Garden at the RBG. Celebrated as Hamilton-Burlington area’s premier spot for wedding portraits, the RBG’s diverse landscapes and stunning natural beauty was perfect for their portraits.


The Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) isn’t just a picturesque setting for wedding portraits; it’s a stunning location for any portrait session. Whether or not you’re celebrating your wedding there, the RBG offers a diverse array of backdrops that can elevate any photography session. From the vibrant, lush Rose Garden to the serene, expansive landscapes, it’s a haven for capturing moments that last a lifetime. Couples, families, and individuals alike find the RBG’s natural beauty an ideal canvas for their photos, making it a sought-after destination for professional photographers and nature lovers. The gardens’ year-round beauty ensures that every visit yields unique and breathtaking photos, reflecting the changing seasons in a vibrant display of natural splendor.

The festivities concluded at the elegant Liuna Station in Hamilton, where laughter and love filled the historic venue, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for guests to celebrate. The dance floor buzzed with joyous moments, showcasing the happiness of the newlyweds and their guests.

Capturing Andrya and Trevor’s special day, from St Ann’s Parish’s unique architecture to the RBG’s breathtaking scenes, was a photographer’s delight. Each location painted a picture of their love story, creating a cherished visual narrative for years to come.

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Liuna Station Wedding | Andrya and Trevor

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