Elm Hurst Inn & Spa: A Photogenic Wedding Venue in Ingersoll

Elm Hurst Inn & Spa is a hidden wedding gem in Ingersoll, offering unparalleled photography opportunities. Its grand architecture and stunning grounds make it a favorite among couples looking for a unique wedding venue. Bojana and Scott’s choice to have their ceremony in the enchanting forest behind the Elm Hurst building was inspired. Outdoor ceremonies have a unique charm, and the forest backdrop added a magical touch to their special day. The natural setting framed their love story beautifully, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Capturing Moments in Nature’s Embrace

The grounds of Elm Hurst Inn are not just beautiful; they are transformative. The lush landscapes and the historical building serve as a perfect canvas for capturing love stories. As a photographer, I find the variety of backdrops within the property—from manicured gardens to wild forests—exceptional for creating diverse and dynamic wedding photos.

A Sunset Session to Remember

A highlight of Bojana and Scott’s wedding was the opportunity to capture them during the golden hour. Stealing away from the reception, we found the perfect spot with the Elm Hurst Inn building glowing in the background. The soft, golden light of sunset enveloped the couple, creating a series of breathtaking photos. This twilight period not only showcased the beauty of Elm Hurst Inn in a new light but also highlighted the profound connection between Bojana and Scott.

Elm Hurst Inn & Spa: Ideal for Every Moment

From the first look to the final dance, Elm Hurst Inn & Spa offers endless possibilities for stunning wedding photography. Its unique blend of natural beauty and architectural elegance makes it an ideal choice for couples seeking a venue that offers both a picturesque setting for their ceremony and a spectacular backdrop for their photos.

Why Choose Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

For couples searching for a wedding venue that combines history, beauty, and photography potential, Elm Hurst Inn & Spa in Ingersoll stands unmatched. Its enchanting forest, historic charm, and stunning sunsets provide the perfect setting for a wedding that is as beautiful in photos as it is in memories.

Elm Hurst Inn Wedding | Bojana and Scott

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