Capturing Love at Fernwood Hills & Bellamere Winery

London, Ontario, holds a special place in my heart, blending the allure of nostalgia with fresh charm. Documenting Colin and Crystal’s wedding at the enchanting Fernwood Hills, followed by their reception at Bellamere Winery, was a privilege. I captured the essence of their love story in two of London’s most picturesque venues.

Fernwood Hills, with its serene beauty and rustic elegance, provided an idyllic backdrop for the beginning of their journey. The quaint bridal house and spacious surroundings embraced the day’s early moments, setting a tone of warmth and intimacy. The processional was a scene straight out of a fairy tale It was complete with a charming bridge that added an extra layer of enchantment to the ceremony.

As the ceremony gave way to the portrait session, the woodsy charm of Fernwood Hills made for stunning portraits. Capturing Colin and Crystal among the whispering trees and sprawling landscapes, their love was the focal point, framed by the natural beauty around them. The trees were majestic and created the perfect canvas.

The day’s ambiance shifted as we moved to Bellamere Estate Winery for the wedding reception. Bellamere’s rustic barn, with its exposed wood and cozy atmosphere, offered a stark yet harmonious contrast to the day’s earlier settings. It was here, amid the laughter and dances, that the couple’s bond truly illuminated the evening. Sneaking away for sunset photos behind Bellamere, we captured moments of raw emotion and connection, a testament to their love.

Despite the jitters that came with the first dance, Colin and Crystal’s devotion to each other was unmistakable. Their Bellamere Winery wedding wasn’t just a showcase of two beautiful venues; it was a day filled with genuine moments and heartfelt emotions, leaving an indelible mark on all who shared in their celebration.

Bellamere Winery Wedding | Colin and Crystal


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