As a photographer, I adapt my style to the unique energy of my clients, seamlessly transitioning from the documentary essence of photojournalism to the refined sophistication of fine art. The core of my work is defined by the authentic, unfiltered moments that make each frame unique. I’ve spent over 10 years refining this organic way of photographing people & weddings.

I'm Jesse

It's Nice to meet you.

Photographer & artist, inspired by light, colours, and you.

Our work seamlessly blends the look and colours of fine-art film photography with the natural and comfortable experience of a documentary & candid style of shooting. We let your wedding day speak for itself, while lightly directing you as needed to get the absolute best images possible.


Our Style

I’m a husband and a father. I take a lot of photos of my life, my family. For my clients, I want to capture people in love and offer a glimpse into that love through my photographs - just like I do in my own photos. I know you will cherish these photographs as much as I cherish mine, so I don't take this responsibility lightly. 

As your wedding photographer, I get to be front row to some amazing moments. I’ll be with your family, the people closest to you – taking your first family photos on very, very special day. I’ll be there for moments that no other guests will see. You’ll be so caught up in the whirlwind of the day that there will be special moments that you didn’t even realize were happening; connections between family, friends, cherished loved ones. Capturing these moments, a snapshot in time, is why I love photography.

Our Approach

A blend of light direction and candid moments; timeless, personal, effortlessly you

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It's all about capturing the most important moments of your life.

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