An Engagement Session with your dog, too!

Nestled along the gentle curves of the Credit River, Georgetown, Ontario, offers a canvas of natural beauty, perfect for capturing the stories of couples embarking on a journey of love – and having an engagement session with your dog! As a photographer, artist, and storyteller at heart, I find inspiration in the light, the landscapes, and most importantly, in you.

Imagine walking through the wooded trails, the setting sun casting a warm glow over your path. This isn’t just any walk. It’s a journey of love, laughter, and companionship, shared with your significant other and, of course, your beloved dog. The presence of your pet adds a layer of joy and authenticity to the experience, turning these moments into cherished memories.

During a recent session, a couple and their Finnish Lapphund joined me for what was to become a magical evening. As we explored the scenic trails, their connection and love for each other—and their dog—shone brightly. It was a reminder that love isn’t just found in the grand gestures but in the quiet, unguarded moments too.

Photography, to me, is more than capturing images. It’s about preserving these fleeting moments, offering a glimpse into the soul of your relationship. Whether it’s a tender glance, a shared laugh, or a playful romp with your dog, these are the memories that truly matter. And bringing your dog to the engagement session allows for even more of these fun, real moments to occur. They’re always a source of laughs and joy.

An engagement session with your dog is always a fun time! After all, they’re an integral part of your story. Let’s create a collection of photographs that captures the essence of your love, the beauty of Georgetown, and the special bond you share with your pet. These aren’t just photographs; they’re the first chapters of your family’s legacy.

A Hike Along the Trails | Engagement Session


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