Jess and Z came all the way back home for their wedding at Bellamere Winery & Event Centre. Living out west, but with their families here, they chose to do something of a reverse destination wedding and come back to London Ontario for their big day. 

First looks are always a big decision, whether to do one or not. It’s a big deal deciding how you’re going to unveil yourselves to each other. I love the intimacy of the first look, but also the classic tradition of a ceremony aisle walk. Sometimes logistically a first look helps with the timeline, allowing for lots of portraits and group photos to be taken before the ceremony begins. I always tell my couples that it’s truly up to them; the most important thing is their own experience and their own memories. They should do what feels right for them. 

Jess and Z decided to do the first look, and wow was it ever emotional. Just a magical moment, Jess walking up and turning Z around. His face when he saw her for the first time was just priceless. You can feel the emotion from these photographs. Little did they know they had a secret audience too; their bridal party was peeking from the window!

Their ceremony at Bellamere winery was in the open field behind the main building. Watching Jess walk up with her parents through the field and tall grass was just so cool. Under the bright August sun they had a beautiful ceremony with all their friends and family. And the recessional was just as cool, with the whole bridal party walking back up through the path. 

The reception in the Bellamere building was full of dancing and laughter, including the traditional Jewish wedding dance, the Hora. And of course we snuck out for some sunset photos too!

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